About Us

We are one of the top leading industrial specialty lubricants manufacturer, importer and distributor in Malaysia. We import and distribute the most complete range of lubricating products, sealing and thermal insulation products; servicing thousands of customers in various industries.

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SPC incorporated in 1989 represents the World's major Specialty Lubricants manufacturers on their full range of products; catering to all applications and equipment. We have over 16 years of experience in lubrication. Our marketing networks cover the whole of ASEAN region.


In year 2003, we successfully implemented the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. Our ISO certification covers the scope of design, development, blending, production and distribution of specialty lubricating oils and greases. We are equally focused on quality and service through on-going training and continuous improvement programs.


Along with our commitment to customer service, our efficient order fulfillment system ensures prompt handling and timely delivery to our customers.

Products Brands

SPC is the established exclusive distributor in distributing various branded lubricants. Our selection brands of products from our marketing partners are available to you to specifically meet your requirements.


We are also one of the lubricant manufacturer in Malaysia. We have the most innovative products that will provide you with the right solutions and deliver results.

Technical Capabilities

Most lubricant suppliers make recommendation based on OEMs’ recommendation.

SPC, unlike these suppliers, will study the equipment operating conditions and the customer’s maintenance practice before making our recommendation. We prefer to educate our customers on causes of equipment breakdown, reasons for our recommendation and the possible improvement and cost saving.


Customers who understand our concept learn and understand importance of making correct selection of their maintenance products where most equipment suppliers prefer to sell more spare parts and anticipated for premature breakdown of the equipment.

Your One Stop Solution Provider

  • Consultation on Equipment Maintenance & Lubricants Selection
  • Plants’ Lubrication Standardization & Cost-down Program
  •  Oil Analysis & Fluids Management Services
  • Rotating Equipment Trouble-Shooting
  • Auto-Lubrication System Design & Implementation

Plant Fluids Management System

Step 1: Study customer’s requirement & set cost-down objectives
Step 2
: Rationalize products selection & design lubricants management system
Step 3: Implementation & monitoring of lubricants management system